"A Little About Us"

Carriage Hill began in 1992 with the purchase of our first Labrador, Taylor. With the
help and guidance of Sue Patrick (Kresland) we were able to start the foundation of our
kennel with a classic looking Labrador with great temperament and a healthy pedigree.
Shortly after adding Taylor to our family we made the move from Western New York (Rochester)
to sunny Georgia in 1993. Too bad really, because Taylor "loved" snow. We landed in
Georgia about 30 miles north of Atlanta, in the small town of Woodstock. When we moved
here, we were out in the middle of nowhere. Over the years, the area around us
looked less rural and more populated. Today, our home and kennel are situated on
approximately 6 acres in Alpharetta, mostly fenced for the dogs
to enjoy. House beautiful we are not, it's Labrador country. The area boasts
many large ponds and lakes for the dogs to enjoy.

Over the years we have selectively bred and purchased dogs to build our kennel
and formulate a distinctive line of Labradors within the breed standard.
Our priorities are to breed an all-round Labrador that is sound, has a wonderful
temperament, and possess the intelligence to work in the field as well
as the obedience ring.

We are founding members and active participants in the Greater Atlanta Labrador
Retriever Club and have sat or currently sit as officers or board members.
We are active in conformation, field and rescue.

As for the human side of the equation.....Carriage Hill's # 1 and #2 pooper scoopers
are Neil and Jodi Martin. Jodi is a long-time pooper scooper (you have to start
somewhere) as her parents raised Beagles and she was responsible for kennels, feeding,
light training and general care. Only one problem....she hated Beagles (no offense to
all you Beagle lovers out there). The type of dog she always wanted was a Labrador.
So, when she got enough space she got all the Labradors she wanted. Although Jodi
would love to play with her dogs all day....someone has to pay the dog food bill.

As for Neil, after 20 years of corporate life, we convinced Neil to become a
stay-at-home dog and kid dad in 1996. The Reason: Going to bed at midnight after
kennels, stalls and homework review for our children then waking up at 4am to do it
all over again was getting really old. Neil grew up always having a dog.
Notice I stressed the single, solitary reference of one. Getting him to agree
to a ten dog limit was a lot of work. Once we passed ten, I honestly think he
just gave in. Neil is great with the dogs. He has tons of patience and is
very fun-loving. He has really been working hard with all of our dogs to earn
each of them a JH title.

Why do we do this? First and foremost, this is such a love for us. We enjoy the
dogs immensely. Our main goal is to always strive to make a better Labrador.
Labs are truly a remarkable breed. We want to do everything we can to keep it that
way. Come visit us sometime and see why we think they are so special.

Clubs and Organizations that we are affiliated with include:

"Canine Assistants"
"Greater Atlanta Labrador Retriever Club"
"Labrador Retriever Club, Inc."

Other members of our household...

A pretty Fall day...

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