"Our Breeding Terms..."

Thank you for considering breeding to one of our boys. Each of the boys we have standing
at stud will have clearance information listed on their webpage. If you need a paper copy
of this clearance information, please request a stud packet be sent to you via email. In light
of the expense to complete a breeding, for FRESH CHILLED shipments we charge a portion of the
stud fee ($500) at the time of collection. The balance of the stud fee ($1300) is due upon confirmation
of pregnancy (via ultrasound or xray) or within a week of the whelp date. Any and all expenses
related to vet fees, extender, boxes for shipping, or shipping charges are the bitch owners responsibility
and not included as part of our stud fee. If you are pre planning a breeding to one of our boys,
you may order and preship a box and extender to us for use, otherwise we will use our reproductive
veterinarian, Dr. Ana Adams (Hamby Road Animal Hospital) to collect, evaluate, extend,
package and ship. We strongly encourage progesterone testing prior to breeding.
If a fresh chilled breeding does not result in pregnancy, the balance of the stud fee is not required
to be paid and therefore no repeat service is due. If the fresh chilled breeding does result
in pregnancy, and the balance of the stud fee is paid, we guarantee 2 live puppies or a repeat to
any dog we have standing at stud via fresh chilled, to the same or another Labrador owned by
the original bitch owner. Documents required from the bitch owner include: Copy of AKC registration
papers, 4 gen pedigree, photo, clearance information (hips, elbows, eyes (optigen/CERF), and EIC.

For studs we have FROZEN, the entire stud fee ($1800) is due at time of shipment. No repeat service
is offered for frozen breedings that do not result in pregnancy as quantities are limited.
All Carriage Hill frozen semen is stored with Dr. Ana Adams (Hamby Road Animal Hospital).

Contact us for more information by phone at (404)713-7116
or email at chlabs01@gmail.com